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Centrefire Group Shooting for the ultimate in benchrest, the 2 Gun Event where the men are separated from the boys!
This class is the final stop in benchrest, the ultimate test of skill, equipment and WIND. It is not always the best equipment that wins, but good equipment and excellent wind interpretation should carry you to the podium. Keeping your composure is not always easy especially after that 4 and 1 group (were the 1 is usually a fair distance away from the 4).
This class is divided into two - Light Varmint(LV) and Heavy Varmint(HV), the weight limit for LV is 10.5lbs and 13.5lbs for HV. Scope magnification is unlimited.
During competition you will shoot five shots as close to each other as possible, it sounds easy, but has to be done in 7 minutes. In each class you will shoot 5 targets at 100m and 200m.
After each relay the target is measured where after a aggregate is calculated and the competitor with the smallest "AGG" is the winner.
This event is shot under WBSF rules.
100m Group Target 
200m Group Target 
What it is supposed to look like.... 
What's up with this wind.....give me break!